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Winter Solstice

peyote stitched necklace

I created this collar as a celebration of life, a talisman for surviving breast cancer. I worked on it during my recovery from two surgeries and the chemotherapy sessions.

The collar is completely stitched in free form peyote stitch. The beads include vintage glass beads from the Hudson Bay; new glass seed beads in sizes 15, 11, 8 and 6; vintage glass, metal, abalone and muscle shell buttons; vintage glass sew through beads in many sizes; and finally fresh water and baroque pearls.

The first bracelet " Fringed Icicles is made with vintage glass trade beads, stitched to a base of larger beads.

The second bracelet "Boxed In" is made from vintage and new glass beads using a right angle weave stitch similar to the "Jazz" pattern.

The third bracelet "Deco Vintage" is strung with vintage glass sew through's.

bead bracelets

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