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Strawberry Fields

bead and button jewelry

This delightfully fresh ensemble is made from a wonderful color combination of red, pink, white and green glass beads.

The necklace is made from my "Madelaine's Choker" pattern, using new and vintage glass beads, and a vintage button for the closure.

The flower basket pin is stitched with a peyote base of green beads, with round white and green leaf beads beads.

The first bracelet "Flower Fields" is stitched using vintage and new glass beads that dangle from a bead base.

The second bracelet "Netted Treasures" is stitched in a net pattern using vintage and new glass beads.

The last bracelet is made from the "Bohemian Button Bracelet" pattern, using vintage and new glass buttons and beads.

The vintage glass earrings are made with glass cherries, white flowers and green leaves.

bead and button jewelry

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