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Shades of Jade

necklace made from pearls and jade

The necklace is a feminine interpretation of the "Madelaine's Choker" pattern. I collected this group of vintage jade charms at an antique show. These were originally sewn onto children's clothing for good luck. The necklace also incorporates new jade beads, fresh water pearls and vintage seed beads. The closure is a new carved shell button.

The earrings were purchased, and I added tourmaline beads to the dangles.

The first bracelet is an adaptation of the "New Fangled Dangle" pattern. The design on the buttons are created with a lazar. The beads used are vintage and new glass.

The second bracelet is adapted from a pattern that I saw in an old Bead and Button Magazine. The beads used are vintage sew-through's and blown glass.

bead and button braclets

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