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Periwinkles and Heliotrope

bead and button necklace

This necklace is made from the "Ramble Bramble" pattern. I had been collecting these wonderful vintage buttons and beads for just the right ensemble. The buttons are all vintage glass from Czechoslovakia. Vintage and new glass beads were used for the base and the dangles.

The first bracelet is made from the "Chantilly Laced Buttons" pattern, using all vintage buttons.

The second bracelet, also made from all vintage buttons and is the "Garden Party" pattern. Both bracelets use new glass beads.

The earrings are Murano glass beads from Italy, purchased at the J.Paul Getty museum while on vacation with my husband. That very same day we saw "Irises", by Vincent Van Gogh, WOW.

bead and button bracelets

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