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Easter in Paris

bead and button jewelry by Christen Brown

My husband and I took a trip up to the J. Paul Getty Museum one summer. While wandering amongst the rooms of impressionists, we walked into one room holding a winter scene by Monet and "Irises", by Vincent Van Gogh. I have no words to describe the experience, only the tears of sheer joy that came from seeing these works of art in person.

The painting, "Irises" inspired the color grouping of the buttons, beads and leaves in this delightfully fresh ensemble.

The necklace pattern is "Paris Sizzles", one I designed for Worldly Goods Buttons. I used several of their glass buttons from Germany, and several of their yellow bronze buttons. The remainder of the buttons are porcelain and vintage glass from the Czech Republic. I also used vintage and new glass seed and novelty beads for the dangles.

The first bracelet Buttercups and Irises in Bloom is made from the "Jazz" pattern, using vintage glass beads from the Czech Republic.

The second bracelet is made from the "Garden of Versailles" pattern. A vintage jacquard ribbon is used for the base, with new bronze buttons, vintage and new beads and glass leaves.

bead and button jewelry

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