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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Beadwork > Grapevine- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

Grapevine- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

beads shaped into flowers and grapes

This feminine ensemble evokes images of fairies strolling through the leaves and vines of an Celtic garden.

The flowers and leaf shapes used in this necklace, the earrings and the first bracelet below are from a book authored by Diane Fitzgerald focusing on netted techniques. The grape clusters are from my bracelet pattern listed below.

"Flowers and Peas" is a variation of a dangle bracelet, with stitched baby pea pods from my "Pea Pod Bracelet", and stitched flowers from the book listed above.

The second bracelet is my "Grapevine" pattern.

beads shaped into flowers, pea pods and grapes

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