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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Beadwork > Egyptian Revival- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

Egyptian Revival- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

glass bead necklace

The wonderful polymer clay bead in the center of this necklace, and adaptation of my "Madelaine's Choker" was made by "Klew", Karen Lewis". I included other wonderful focal points such as the vintage glass carnelian, turquoise and maize colored beads with Egyptian motifs from Czechoslovakia. Vintage and new glass beads were used for the base and the dangles.

The earrings are made from glass beads.

The first bracelet "Celluloid and Glass Dangles" is made from the "New Fangled Dangle" pattern, using all vintage celluloid dome top buttons. The dangles are made from glass novelty and seed beads.

The second bracelet "Glass and Brass" is made from the "Bohemian Button Bracelet" pattern and also uses all vintage glass and Austrian brass "Tinnies" buttons.

The ring is made from a glass button set into sterling silver.

glass bead and button bracelets

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