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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Beadwork > Deco Iris- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

Deco Iris- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

necklace stitched with seed beads and vintage buttons

The inspiration for this ensemble were the marvelous iris colored vintage glass sew-ons I found at a marvelous shop along the Laguna Beach coastline. These along with vintage and new glass beads, buttons and dangles helped to create a design reminiscent of the 1930's. I wore this ensemble to the Jazz Festival held in the Casino Ballroom on Catalina Island. I fit right in with the Deco decor!

The necklace pattern is an adaptation of my "Leap Frog" pattern. The earrings are made from vintage glass sew-ons and dangles stitched into a design with seed beads.

The first bracelet "Nailheads" is stitched with glass sew-ons and seed beads.

The second bracelet "Linked Jewels" is an original pattern using a right angle weave stitch with buttons and beads.

The third bracelet "Goulash in Glass" is made from the leftover beads from both the necklace and the other two bracelets.

bracelets stitched with seed beads, glass beads and vintage buttons

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