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Deco Drama - Jewelry Ensemble

necklace made from vintage buttons

This ensemble started with another vintage tie this time stolen from my dad's closet. I used it for the flowers in the wrist corsage and the brooch.

The necklace is a version of the Vintage Bling Bling pattern with the base a vintage French ombre ribbon. Almost all of the vintage buttons on the necklace are celluloid: buff, tight-tops, French Ivory, and glow bubbles to name a few of the styles. These date from the 1920's- the 1930's. A few Bakelite and newer plastics snuck in because they matched the color scheme.

The top bracelet "Wrist Corsage" boasts several glow bubbles" and a few tight-tops. I made several ribbon roses from the tie, three are on the bracelet with several flowers made from old zippers and grosgrain ribbons. These and the buttons are stitched onto a grosgrain ribbon base.

The second bracelet is also made with a grosgrain base and vintage celluloid French Ivory buttons are stitched amongst vintage Jacquard embroidered ribbon with hand stitched edges.

The Floral Brooch has several more buttons placed around the roses made from the tie, several small flowers made from old zippers, silk and grosgrain ribbons, with French wire ribbon leaves.

The earrings were made in the '50's with red rhinestones!

de from jewelry vintage buttons

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