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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Beadwork > Cornwall in the Springtime- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

Cornwall in the Springtime- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

necklace stitched with seed beads, fresh water pearls and shell charms

The marvelous carved vintage Mother of Pearl leaves I used in the necklace, inspired the creation of this soft and feminine ensemble. I found the original Victorian era cord necklace that the leaves were attached to at an antique mall in Monterey CA.

The pattern used for the necklace is an adaptation by Cheri Lynne Waltz, of a design found in Horace R. Goodhue's book "Indian Bead-Weaveing Patterns". The base is made with size 11 seed beads. I also included fresh water pearls, vintage glass sew-through beads and new glass novelty beads in the dangles.

The earrings are made from beautiful baroque and round fresh water pearls.

The first two bracelets are made from my "Bohemian Button Bracelet" pattern using vintage abalone and Mother of Pearl buttons; abalone beads, opal roundels, and glass beads.

The third bracelet "Button Lattice" is made with a right angle weave stitch, using vintage MOP buttons and glass leaves.

bracelets made with seed beads and shell buttons

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