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Antique Autumn Roses- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

necklace stitched with seed beads, vintage buttons, glass beads, silk cords and ribbons

This necklace was started in a class using my pattern "Entwined Roses". The design grew with the addition of the wonderful wrapped metallic gold center piece given to me by a friend.

The base is comprised of entwined silk ribbon and rayon cords. The ribbon worked flowers and leaves are made from silk and wire ribbons.

I had just acquired a collection of vintage celluloid buttons, which found there way into major focal areas around the flowers. All of the buttons I used are vintage, with the other materials being Bakelite, brass, molded glass, and cinnabar.

The other stunning components are the gold flower shaped roundels, that really make the rest of the colors stand out. I also used vintage and new beads and charms that were made from glass, carnelian, pyrex, cloisonne, wrapped metal and yellow bronze.

The earrings and bracelet were found at separate thrift stores. They are vintage molded glass cabs set into sterling findings. The pattern on the glass is similar to the three coral colored molded glass buttons on the necklace.

vintage glass bracelet and earrings

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