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The Algonquin Room- Jewelry Ensemble

necklace stitched with seed beads

The inspiration for this necklace was actually the all female cast an old movie from the 1930's called "The Women". The women handled it all with style, class and extra dash of panache! The actresses in the movie reminded me of the "ladies" in my grandmother's bridge club. All were so active and vivacious with just a hint of an acid tongue!

The style of the necklace is similar to "Madelaine's Choker", with a second row of dangles added to the top section of the ladder. I used vintage and new glass beads in the dangles with a vintage glass button for the closure.

The first bracelet is made from the "Chantilly Laced Buttons" pattern with a square stitched base, with seed bead accents. The focal point of the bracelet are the marvelous vintage Czech glass buttons.

The second bracelet is made from the "Centipede Bracelet" pattern which is a peyote stitch base. I used vintage glass sew-through's for the base and dangles found on an old gown from the 20's. Glass seed beads were used for accents.

The earrings are a pair of vintage glass cab clip- ons that belonged to one of my grandmother's friends.

bracelets stitched with seed beads and buttons

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