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Victoriana- vest

silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon work flowersClose up view of silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers.

Date Created: Vest- June 1996
Line: Vest, beret, purse
Techniques: traditional hand embroidery with seed beads
Fabrics: Bali Batik cotton, vintage lace, satin ribbons

This vest is shown in it's second incarnation. The original was a solid piece of fabric with the manipulated ribbon work sections, lace sections, and ribbon embroidery, similar to The Edwardian, and was the original sample for Vintage Redressed pattern. Sadly the vest had an accident with the iron, and several sections of ribbon work melted! Yikes!

So I cut out the sections that I could save, found a compatible fabric to the original, and crazy pieced the front sections with the saved embroidery, and simplified the back by just using the dyed lace pieces, buttons and beads.

The silk ribbon embroidery sections were worked with 2mm, 4mm, and 7mm silk ribbon, vintage ombre ribbon, and buttonhole twist thread. The ribbon worked flowers are made from satin ribbon. I added in seed beads in sizes 6,8, and 11 for details. Metal charms and vintage buttons complete the details.

The beret and purse are made from the original fabrics, and the Lady Alexandra is the jewelry that is worn with this outfit.

silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon work flowers silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon work flowers

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