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Fairies Fandance of Treasure Filled Terraces of Tourmaline Ensemble

fiber art

Close up view of machine quilted fabric with machine couched metallic braid, and hand embroidered shi sha mirrors.

Date Created: August 1991
Created Especially for the Fairfield Fashion Show
Line: Jacket, skirt, hat and wand
Techniques: Machine piecing and appliqué; machine quilting; hand embroidery and bead embellishment
Fabrics: Cotton, silk, velveteen, organza, polyester

The colors of tourmaline have always been pleasing to me, from the first ring that my husband gave to me, which was the inspiration for this jacket.

The body of the jacket is made from cotton velveteen, and silk appliquéd sections. These fabrics were machine quilted with the body also having machine couched metallic braids. The jacket is embellished with hand embroidered rainbow colored glass shi sha mirrors; hand couched rayon cords; vintage and new glass beads; and metal trinkets.

The cuffs of the jacket were made from a lovely jacquard ribbon, that was so expensive I could only afford 1/2 yard, which make the opening of the cuff pretty small. The sleeves of the cuff are made from a sheer iridescent fabric, and have flowing lengths of ribbon cascading from the shoulder to the cuff.

The skirt is made from a colorfully printed floral fabric, that I found at a designer fabric store, three weeks before the garment was due, (I was definitely blessed by the fabric goddess that day!). The skirt has many hand made ribbon roses, and satin ribbon accents.

The wand is made from the same fabrics as the jacket, and is similarly embellished. The crown is made from the same ribbons that adorn the jacket and skirt. The jewelry ensemble that is worn with this is Parisian Chanteuse.

fiber art fiber art

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