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Spring Peach Blossoms- vest

fiber art

Close up view of ribbon and fabric flowers and leaves embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and bead embellishment.

Vest- February 2001
Line: Vest
Techniques: Machine appliqué, and quilting; traditional freeform and silk ribbon embroidery; bead and button embellishment
Fabrics: Cotton, silk, vintage embroidered piano skirt, embroidered silk from India

It took over five years to collect all the pieces and parts that created this vest, which actually can be worn with Madame Butterfly. The main fabrics in this vest is the vintage piano shawl, which actually had been made into a mini skirt. I cut out the waist section, and opened up the skirt to find the incredible embroidery. The other wonderful piece of fabric is the vintage reproduction barkcloth fabric featured down the middle of the back of the vest.

The vest, and example from my Avonlea Revisited class, front is crazy pieced, the back strip pieced; both quilted with metallic threads and a twin needle. The vest has small vignettes of hand made vintage ombre ribbon flowers and leaves; satin ribbon grids stitched down with metallic threads; hand couched rayon cords. The hand embroidery on the crazy pieced sections used metallic and silk threads; the beaded sections used vintage and new glass, abalone, and hand blown glass beads. Vintage and new glass, shell and early plastic buttons are also used for embellishment.

The necklace created for this vest is Chinoiserie, using vintage and new metal, turquoise, coral and glass beads.

fiber art fiber art

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