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Mysterious Ways of my Gypsy Heart Ensemble

fiber art

Close up view of embroidery and bead embellishment.

Date Created: Jacket December 1992
Line: Jacket, Vest, purse
Techniques: machine and hand appliqué; machine quilting; hand embroidery, couching and embellishments
Fabric: Cotton, silk, Guatemalan fabrics, metallic silk, vintage embroidered pieces from Afghanistan, glass bead, metal charms and buttons

As a girl I used to tell my mother that she stole me from the gypsies. My reasoning for this was that she made me wash the dishes after dinner, and I felt a more sensible way to remove these dirty dishes would be to smash them and dance around the fire. She disagreed, most emphatically!

The color inspiration for this ensemble were the embroidered Afghani bits and pieces I used on the front and back that were given to me by a dear friend. The Guatemalan, silk and cotton fabrics all seamed to compliment the bright vivid embroidered pieces. Metallic lame, and vintage and new trims were used to compliment the pieced sections.

The jacket is an example of the techniques that you learn in my Medallion Treasures class. It is pieced, appliquéd, and machine quilted. Machine applied and hand couched cords and trims add another element of design. Each section is hand embroidered with metallic threads, with embellishments such as vintage shi sha mirrors, glass beads and metal charms.

The vest, Sunrise Sunset uses the same fabrics and color theme as does the purse.

fiber art fiber art

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