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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Fiber Art > Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Short Sleeved Jacket

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Short Sleeved Jacket

fiber art

Close up view of ribbon and fabric flowers and leaves embellished with silk ribbon embroidery; button and bead embellishment.

Date Created: March 1996
Line: Short- sleeved Jacket
Techniques: Machine piecing and quilting; traditional crazy piece embroidery, bead and button embellishment
Fabrics: Vintage barkcloth, vintage embroidered cotton from India, cotton, silk, velvet and satin ribbon trims

The inspiration for this piece was the vintage bark cloth in all of it's wondrous color combinations of chartreuse, melon, maize and claret. The fabric was a leftover remnant from my grandmother's curtains from the 1940's.

The jacket features a frog theme which is also carried into the lining. The trims, buttons and beads were gathered on a trip to San Francisco, the lining was found at Brytex, "Fabric Mecca". The fabrics and trims used are: silk, polyester and cotton fabric; velvet, silk bias, satin and vintage ombre ribbons; vintage metallic lace, and novelty lace; vintage buttons of glass and metal; and new trinkets in frog shapes.

The lime green skirt really completes the look I think, though I have been counseled by kind observers: to give the ensemble a more sophisticated look, a plain black skirt would be better. Well what do THEY know? The necklace Mr. Toad's Wild Ride features vintage buttons and charms stitched to a vintage velvet ribbon. I wear this with a sequined hat that belonged to my grandmother, and her black corde handbag.

fiber art fiber art

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