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Morticia's Mandarin Moment Jacket

fiber art

Close up view of ribbon and fabric sections with bead embellishment.

Date Created: Jacket- August 1995
Line: Jacket, vest, hat and purse
Techniques: Machine piecing and quilting; traditional free form hand and silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon work; bead and button embellishments
Fabrics: cotton, silk, vintage Chinese and Indian Trims

Morticia Adams was THE coolest chick on the block in my book! She always wore black, her hair was perfect and she always new what to say! And Cara Mia looked smokin' in that dress! If she had to wear a jacket, I imagine her in something like this, with a really cool cigarette holder, like the one I have from my grandmother, long slender but much cooler with no cigarette.

The jacket is from my Crazy Man class, where the pattern pieces are cut into smaller sections. Each section is pieced, or woven with fabrics, ribbons and trims. The fabric sections are machine quilted, the woven and pieces sections are machine stitched. The vest that I wear with this is The Edwardian.

The fabrics I used are silk, cotton, vintage Chinese woven sections, satin and metallic ribbons. Hand embroidered cobwebs and cording are enhanced with glass beads and trinkets; metal charms; and glass and metal buttons. This is as close to a monochromatic scheme as I can get, I did try but the gold and copper colors just looked so good with the tussah silk stripe!

I made a purse from the same fabrics, with the same technique as the jacket. The jewelry ensemble that I wear with this garment is the Algonquin Room.

fiber art fiber art

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