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Madame Butterfly Ensemble

fiber art

Close up view of ribbon and fabric flowers and leaves embellished with silk ribbon embroidery, brazilian embroidery and bead embellishment.

Date Created: Jacket- September 1998
Line: Jacket, and mask
Jewelry: Enchanted Butterflies
Techniques: Machine appliqué, and quilting; traditional freeform and silk ribbon embroidery; bead and button embellishment
Fabrics: Cotton, silk, silk ikat, vintage embroideries from China and India

Some things are definitely worth waiting for, as it took over five years to collect all the pieces and parts that created this jacket. The inspiration started with the two front panels which are vintage Chinese embroidery from an old kimono, the back panel is an embroidered table runner, also vintage. This jacket is a sample of the techniques that are taught in my class I'm NO Wallflower.

The jacket features other vintage fabrics and trims found in the piecing and on the sleeves. The fabrics used for the piecing are silk and cotton; some of the same fabrics were used for the yo yo's and leaves; silk and satin ribbons were used to create the flower and leaf vignettes. The floral sections are embroidered with silk ribbon and threads, then embellished with vintage and new glass beads and buttons. Many vintage Mother of Pearl buttons found there way onto the jacket along with many early plastic buttons.

The mask Madame Butterfly, also has many of the same components as the garment. The jewelry ensemble that I created for this garment is called Enchanted Butterflies.

fiber art fiber art

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