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I'm NO Wallflower Ensemble

fiber art

Close up view of ribbon and fabric flowers and leaves embellished with beads and buttons.

Date Created: Jacket- January 1996
Jacket created for: a class taught at Road to California Quilter's Conference
Line: Jacket, altered skirt
Techniques: Machine piecing and quilting; traditional free form and silk ribbon embroidery; ribbon work and bead and button embellishment
Fabrics: Cotton

The inspiration for the piecing came from the wall paper at my grandmother's house, which started above the molding which was about waist high.

The jacket was created with cotton fabrics that were strip pieced, reassembled, and machine quilted. The pieced sections were adorned with ribbons and vintage metallic lace to hide the raw edges. This is an example of the techniques that are taught in the class: I'm NO Wallflower.

Bouquets of ribbon worked flowers and leaves were stitched in place, and were further adorned with silk ribbon embroidery. There are beads, buttons and charm embellishments amongst the flower sections.

The garland on the hat was made by a friend. The vintage jewelry ensemble that I wear with this outfit is Red Lilies, and the purse in the Butterfly Pouch.

fiber art fiber art

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