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Guatemalan Takeover

fiber art

Close up view of ribbon and fabric flowers and leaves embellished with silk ribbon embroidery, brazilian embroidery and bead embellishment.

Date Created: ensemble March 1995
Line: Jacket, dress, purse
Techniques; machine and hand appliqué; machine quilting; traditional free form embroidery; bead and button embellishments
fabric: Guatemalan vintage and new fabrics, cotton, linen, corduroy, new and vintage trims

Living in San Diego we have the good fortune to be influenced by the wonderful flowers, paintings and fabrics that come from our neighbors to the South. These imports add a certain quaint vibrancy to the white washed adobe walls that sit quietly in many of our older neighborhoods.

The the pattern for the jacket is the Folkwear Hopi coat, using a myriad of fabrics including corduroy, woven Guatemalan fabric, embroidered peasant dress, cotton and trims. The dress is an adaptation of a Butterick pattern, using vintage Guatemalan fabrics, embroidered sections of an old shirt, and linen fabrics.

The ribbon and trims used both on the dress and the jacket were a Christmas gift from my mother in law. The embroidered pieces on the jacket were from a dress I salvaged from a dumpster, (don't tell my mom!). The fabrics were great to work with and the colors are so bright and happy. The embellishments on the jacket were bits of this and that hidden in the "what not drawer" at my mom's house.

The Purse and Beret are made from the leftover pieces of fabrics.

fiber art fiber art

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