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Donna Reed's Tea Party Ensemble


Close up view of embroidered section.

Date Created: October 2006
Line: Jacket, Skirt
Techniques: Piecing, traditional embroidery
Fabrics: Cotton, linen, satin ribbons

I collected embroidered table cloths, tea towels and napkins for several years in order to complete this project. I devoted several Monday mornings to "The Hunt", a five store thrift shop circuit that takes me most of the morning.

I found many lovely pieces, never spending more than $10.00 per table cloth. I especially love the large flowers shown in the close-up which was a card table sized tablecloth, with the four corners embroidered in four different combinations. I used one section of this piece on each center front and the bottom sides of the back.

The base is a muslin fabric, with the pieces and sections of embroidery placed in order to see as much of the embroidery as possible. The raw edges and ends of these sections were covered with satin ribbons. I then added embroidery of my own using two and three strands of floss.

The collar of the jacket was actually the cover of our bird cage that my mom made when we were kids. The lining is comprised of additional pieces of embroidery, and a linen fabric remnant from my kitchen curtains. The skirt is also a remnant, and the ruffle is comprised of over 20 napkins and hankies.

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