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Cyclone- vest

fiber art vest

Close up view of thread embellishment and bead embellishment.

Date Created: September 1996
Line: Vest, wand
Techniques: machine crazy piecing and free form quilting; fabric yo-yo's and squares, ribbon rosettes; bead embroidery and embellishment
Fabrics: Cotton and silk

This vest is made from rich, fun, happy tropical colors that were a pleasure to work with. I used a Hoffman Bali Batik fabric and chose various colors of silk that complimented this. I used bits of this and that I had been saving for just the right project. One of these, the hot pink embroidered silk fabric from India, I had been saving for several years. Satin and velvet ribbons were also invited to the party along with a plastic necklace, full of tropical birds that my daughter no longer wanted to wear (lucky for me).

Select sections were prepared before the crazy piecing with machine stitched satin ribbon. Strips of these fabrics and the cotton fabric were cut, then one edge was stitched with a 1-1/2" strip of fabric to create a finished edge. These pieces were cut into slices and laid down on a muslin base. These were placed in a traditional crazy piece formation, with the finished edge of the previous slice hiding the next slices's raw edge. The finished edge was then machine stitched in place.

Square and round yo-yos were made from the left-over cotton and silk fabrics, some of these include the fabrics with satin ribbons. These were sprinkled down the front and back sides of the vest along with velvet rosettes. These sections were then embellished with bead embroidery in traditional and free form embroidery stitches including the chain and feather stitches.

fiber art vest fiber art vest

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