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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Fiber Art > Crystal Maiden From the Isle of Fire and Ice

Crystal Maiden From the Isle of Fire and Ice

Close up view of collar with vintage buttons and bead embellishment.

Date Created: Vest- 1989
Line: Long Vest, dress and crown
Techniques: Machine quilting and stitching; hand couching, traditional free form embroidery; hand beading and embellishments
Fabrics: Lame, silk, rayon, lace, satin

This was the first ensemble that Carol McKie Manning and I made for the Fairfield show. The quilting on the vest took three days to complete, originally it was to be a cape, but we chose the wrong batting, so it became a coat vest with enough fabric left over to give each person in of our family a set of place mats!

The dress is a comprised of a lace bodice (owned by Carol) with a 360 stitched icicles stitched to a three steer skirt. This ensemble is one of three featured in the Costume Maker's Art by Lark Books.

The collar of the vest is so wide that the model wearing it has to enter a room at an angle, but it is so pretty with the vintage button embellishment. Shi sha mirrors, rhinestone appliques and beads are also found encrusting the jacket.

The jewelry ensemble made for the vest is called Crystal.

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