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Celestial Symphony of the Summer Solstice

Celestial Symphony of the Summer Solstice

Close up view of appliquéd sections embroidered and embellished with beads and charms

Date Created: August 1990
Created Especially for the Fairfield Fashion Show
Line: Jacket, camisole, pants and hat
Techniques: Machine appliqué, quilting, thread embellishments; hand embroidery and bead embellishment
Fabrics: Silk, polyester, cotton

This ensemble created by Carol McKie Manning and myself was included in The Costume Maker's Art a book published by Lark Books. The garment was originally created for The Fairfield Fashion Show, and invitational event that debut at the International Quilt Show in Houston Texas.

The jacket is heavily machine quilted, hand embroidered, and stitched and embellished with mirrors, charms and beads. The dark blue silk background seamed to absorb every color and stitch we made on it, thus requiring many layers of both hand and machine stitching. At the end of the project the jacket alone took over 300 hours to make.

The appliquéd sections are of silk also, with images of suns, rays, comets and stellar stars. The collar is pieced from all of the fabrics leftover. The collar also is machine quilted with metallic cords couched down in a swirling design.

The original ensemble included a pair of capri pants, a silk camisole appliquéd with a rising sun, and a darling beret also with an image of a sun. These pieces belong to Carol.

I made a purse from the leftover scraps of silk fabrics used in the collar and the appliqué pieces, it is called Puzzle Pieces. The jewelry ensemble worn with this is Knot to be Believed.

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