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Bottle Caps and Streamers- vest

section of Wearable Art with ribbons and vintage buttons

Close up view of woven ribbon section with vintage buttons.

Date Created: Vest- 1994
Line: Vest, purse
Techniques: Machine quilting and stitching; traditional embroidery; hand beading and embellishments
Fabrics: Hand dyed cotton, silk, rayon, lace, satin and silk ribbons

The inspiration for this vest, which is a sample of my class: Bottle Caps and Streamers, was the wonderful Hoffman butterflies fabric. I have to admit to buying quite a few different color ways, though this one remains my favorite. The base fabric is stipple quilted, with metal trims machine embroidered in "streamers". The yoke of the vest is woven with ribbons and embellished with bottle caps (yo yo's and ribbon trims). The purse is made entirely of yo yo's!

This vest was made to be worn with "I'm NO Wallflower". The left over pieces of fabric from that project found a new home in the way of fabric yo yo's that decorate the woven ribbon sections.The wonderful collection of buttons, ribbons and trims came from years of "hoarding a stash to be used for just the right moment" and behold this project was the moment! The buttons are all vintage, and are interspersed with vintage and new glass beads and charms. A fun array of happy colors that will surely brighten any day!

The Handbag that I created for this uses all of my left over yo-yo's, and the jewelry ensemble worn with this vest is Carnival.

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