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Azulejos de Espana Ensemble

crazy pieced vest with bead embellishment

Close up view of crazy pieced fabric with button and bead embellishment.

Date Created: Jacket- January 1998, Vest- January 1996
Jacket created especially for: a class taught at Road to California Quilter's Conference
Line: Jacket, vest, purse and hat
Techniques: Machine piecing; machine quilting; traditional free form embroidery and bead embellishment

Azulejos de Espana which is one of the classes that I teach, roughly translates Spanish Tiles, the pieced sections are traditional quilt blocks such as "Flying Geese" and reminded me of painted Spanish tiles. The colors I chose for the fabrics were inspired by a mosaic bracelet my dad bought for my mom when they met in Florence. The vest is also from a class that I teach called Crazy Man.

Both the vest and the jacket are made from wonderful vintage fabrics such as a red and silver sari border (used along the bottom of the jacket and sleeves); chain stitched fabric from Saudi Arabia (the floral motifs shown on the vest); blue silk fabric with couched metallic gold thread section from a kimono sleeve (visible on the back of the jacket); cotton batik (wax resist) from Boubadima (used in the pieced tiles); and a chain stitch embroidered maize colored silk from India. Additional fabrics of cotton, silk and rayon fabrics from Italy were used to complete the jacket and the vest.

The tiles are attached with strips of fabric and satin ribbons, these sections machine quilted then are embellished with bead embroidery using vintage sequins, Mother of Pearl charms, paper mâche angel charms from Mexico, metal charms, vintage and new glass beads.

The purse that I made for this ensemble is Azulejos, and the jewelry grouping that was made for this ensemble is Azulejos de Espana.

crazy pieced jacket with bead and button embellishment crazy pieced jacket with bead and button embellishment

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