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A Walk Through My Flower Garden- vest

ribbon work flowers and silk ribbon embroidery

Close up view of ribbon and fabric flowers and leaves embellished with silk ribbon embroidery, brazilian embroidery and bead embellishment.

Date Created: Vest- 1992
Line: Vest, purse
Techniques: Machine quilting and stitching; hand couching, traditional free form and silk ribbon embroidery; hand beading and embellishments
Fabrics: Hand dyed cotton, silk, rayon, lace, satin and silk ribbons

A very feminine, romantic vest is one of the classes that I teach: A Walk Through my Flower Garden, is a perfect example of my lifetime love of flowers, whether they are presented in a well planned garden or displayed in all of nature's glory in an open field of wildflowers. The colors in the wonderful dyed base fabric inspired the design for the feminine vignettes of flowers and leaves that meander along a bias ribbon "walk".

The fabric base is backed with Fairfield's Cotton Classic batting and machine quilted with Sulky metallic threads. The base was cut to the pattern pieces and machine stitched ribbons form the trellis with silk bias ribbon forming the "walk" or path for the floral motifs.

The "enchanted gardens" of silk and rayon ribbons and fabric flowers and leaves are stitched first, then attached to the fabric base. The vignettes embroidered with smaller flowers and leaves stitched with silk ribbon embroidery, Brazilian embroidery and traditional free form embroidery techniques.

Additional embellishments such as Mother of Pearl hearts, vintage glass buttons, metal charms, new and vintage glass beads are stitched into the ribbonworked flowers and leaves. the jewelry ensemble that is worn with this is Heather on the Moors and matching small purse.

ribbonwork flowers and leaves with silk ribbon embroidery ribbonwork flowers and leaves with silk ribbon embroidery

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