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Avonlea Revisited-vest

crazy piecing with cotton, silk and lace

Close up view of machine crazy pieced section with lace appliques and mother of pearl buttons.

Date Created: March 1992
Line: Vest, skirt
Techniques: Machine crazy piecing; traditional hand embroidery, with bead and embellishment
Fabrics: Silk, cotton, vintage lace, satin ribbon

As a young girl my mother encouraged me to read the series Avonlea- about a young girl named Ann who is sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle. I now own my mother's collection of books. This vest was made as a sample for my class Avonlea, and this piece has many wonderful memories attached to it. I fell in love with crazy piecing early on in my career and included many treasured bits of lace and silk fabrics here.

The technique that I use to assemble the crazy pieced sections is one that I created to eliminate the awkward bumps and twisted bias seams that can occur when piecing sections together. I cut out the pattern pieces from muslin, then cut these pieces into manageable sections for crazy piecing, this way small scraps can be utilized or large scraps like the tapestry pieces on the back. Once the muslin sections are pieced and trimmed, they are reassembled onto another muslin piece with a batting backing. The sections are then stitched in place, and the seams are covered with satin ribbons.

The traditional embroidery stitches are worked in pearl cotton and metallic threads. For stitch inspiration I have an old favorite book that belonged to my mother with the basic stitches and one that I reference by Dorothy Bond with combination stitches. I included bead embroidery with many of the stitches. Vintage mother of pearl buttons are clustered in groups throughout the garment.

crazy piecing with cotton, silk and lace crazy piecing with cotton, silk and lace

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