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Aubrey's Autumn Afternoon- vest

section of silk ribbon embroidery

Close up view of silk ribbon embroidery on tapestry fabric.

Date Created; April 1955
Line: Vest and purse
Techniques: Silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon worked flowers, couched gold cords, bead and button embellishments
Fabrics: Tapestry, cotton, silk, vintage lace, vintage velvet ribbons, silk bias, satin and wire ribbons

This vest was made as a sample for my class Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery. This tapestry fabric caught my eye, I loved the colors of all of the flowers especially the very large sunflower shown in the front right. I did realize after I cut the pieces out for the front, that a sunflower on both sides look very much like petal led "headlights" (not the look I was going for!). I cut out another left front and made a purse with the discarded left front, live and learn...

The design of the flowers and leaves are embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and couched gold work which is simply stitched on and around the floral designs. The front panel section is detailed with ribbon and fabric worked flowers and leaves; vintage and antique buttons; glass and metal charm embellishments. The large yellow bronze button on the front was handmade by a friend.

The back (not shown) is embellished with vintage pieces of lace and ribbonworked flowers, embellished with buttons and beads. The jewelry ensemble that is worn with this vest is Vintage Bling Bling.

silk ribbon embroidered vest silk ribbon embroidered vest

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