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Arabian Nights Tabard

section of hand embroidered shi sha mirrors

Close up view of machine appliquéd and hand embroidered vintage silk with hand embroidered shi sha mirrors, sequins and glass beads.

Date Created: May 1988
Awards: Bazaar del Mundo Fabric Fantasies Festival- 3rd place winner
Line: Vest, hat and wand
Techniques: Machine and hand appliqué; hand embroidery, couching and bead embellishment
Fabrics: Silk new and vintage, polyester acetate

This was the first intentional piece of "wearable Art" that I made.The inspiration for the vest came from a postcard that arrived from India, the same day I was encouraged to create a garment for the show by the owner of the Bazaar del Mundo.

The pattern is an original pattern, using fabrics that were a collection of precious leftovers both from my mom's stash and mine. My husband found the blue silk fabric that I used for the constellation background which I hand painted with gold specks. In a moment of curiosity he leaned over my shoulder and created "Kevin's Comet" on the shoulder of the front of the vest.

The machine appliquéd shapes of turrets, clouds constellations and the aura borealis are made from vintage silk sari fabrics, silk and jacquard fabrics. These sections are hand couched with rayon cords; hand embroidered with needle lace stars and shi sha mirrors; sequins and glass beads are stitched on to further enhance the piece.

The purse that I made to go with this vest is also called Arabian Nights, as is the wand.

wearable art vest wearable art vest

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