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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Dolls > Yo-Yo Clown and the Court Jester

Yo-Yo Clown and the Court Jester

 Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

The Yo-Yo clown was a design challenge sponsored by the doll club that I belonged to, The Imitation of Life Construction Company. The design challenge was to create a doll using simple shapes such as a circle or square.

The clown is created with a face made from a round circle, the body with a square shape and added arms and legs made from fabric yo-yos. The fabric prints are all cotton, with lace and ribbon details. The hair is made from fringed cotton fabric and is trimmed in paper flowers. Hand charms are stitched to the arms, and a metal globe is attached to each leg.

The Court Jester is a pattern I designed using simple shapes as well. The body is an oval shape, with triangular legs, and stuffed yo-yo arms. The face is hand-painted with permanent pen details. The hair is a fringe made with novelty and metallic yarns. The body is embroidered with metallic threads, beads and shisha mirrors. Additional beads and charms were added to the hands, toes and crown.

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