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Collaged Memories- made from re-cycled, up-cycled, found objects

DIY was not a trend in my house growing up, it was a way of life. My work from the earliest creative beginnings has always originated from "what was on hand". I loved the possibilities presented to me by the leftovers found in my mother's "sewing closet" and my father's "wood bin" in the garage.

To this day I gather piles of this and that for potential projects, waiting for time (a commodity I wish I could manufacture) and the muse to make herself known. I am delighted to re-purpose discards, leftovers and found objects with a new creative form. Below are a few examples of artwork created from "what was on hand" in the stash, combined with found objects and thrift store finds.

vintage fabric vest
Autumn Leaves Must Fall


image of jewelry made from vintage buttons
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride


Vintage Jewelry

ribbon worked flowers and leaves on beret
Indian Roses


Simple Chic

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