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Resume: Christen Brown

Christen BrownArtist Statement

I spent hours every weekend with my father in the garage, where he created banjos and model airplanes. I learned the fine woodworking and metal smithing skills he learned from his father, whose was one of the last blacksmiths in Burbank, CA. My mother taught herself many needle craft techniques while growing up in the depression era in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She passed these skills on to me, which included embroidery, sewing, knitting, crochet and attempted to teach me housekeeping and cooking (which by the way I tend to disavow any knowledge of).

I have an AA in fashion design and also have a strong arts and craft background from classes taken in high school and college courses during the seventies when these subjects were still valued in the public school systems. I enjoy the opportunity to share with my students the knowledge that I have gained in the lifetime's creative journey.

This is a motto that my mother and my father impressed upon me as a child: If you can't make it yourself, is it really worth having?

Christen BrownCredentials

  • The Store on the Corner: from May 2000 to current
  • Teacher, Lecturer: from September 1991 to current (including American Quilter's Society, Embellishment for Bead and Button Magazine and Road to California)
  • Artist: from 1986 to current (wearable art, beaded jewelry and dolls in juried shows across the country)
  • 1982: Graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Christen BrownAwards

  • The Bazaar del Mundo's Fabric Fantasies Fashion Show: 1 grand prize award, a 1st place award, and a few 2cd place awards
  • American Quilter's Society Fashion Show: 2cd place

I also participated in other smaller shows held across the country. A few of my garments were collaborative pieces with another artist, these pieces also won grand prize awards at the Fabric Fantasies Show.

Christen BrownInvitations

  • 2004: Bernina Fashion show
  • 2000 Designer: Hoffman Fabrics to design a garment for their Bali Batik line for Quilt Market and Festival
  • 1990 - 2000: Fairfield Fashion Show five times within this period
  • Guest artist/speaker: Bazaar del Mundo's Fabric Fantasy Fashion Show (3 times)
  • Lecture: opening night for Road to California Symposium
  • Lecture: Southern California's Embroiderers Guild of America

There have been numerous entries in symposiums and gallery exhibitions across the country.

Christen BrownCommunity Activities

  • Board Member of Quilt San Diego: a non profit organization that produces exhibitions of Art Quilts.
  • Board Member of Imitation of Life Construction Company: a non profit organization that promotes art through doll making.
  • Guest Artist: lecture and presentation of art and career choices for  local High Schools. 

Christen BrownPublications

  • May/June 2008 Piecework Magazine: "Buttons to Embroider and Tat", web project.
  • March/April 2008 PieceWork Magazine: "The Glittering World of Metal Thread Embroidery" and a bracelet or choker to embroider with metal threads.
  • November/December 2007 PieceWork Magazine: The Glamour of it All; project: Silk Purse to embroider.
  • March/April 2007 PieceWork Magazine : A Silk Primer; project: Silk Purse to embroider.

In addition my work has been photographed and included in many publications such as:

  • 2005/April: Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine
  • 2004: Bernina Fashion Show Book, and CD
  • 2002/November: San Diego Home and Garden Magazine
  • 2000: Fairfield Fashion Show 20 years
  • 1997: Visions Quilt Expressions
  • 1996/March: Michael's Arts and Craft Magazine
  • 1995/October: Michael's Arts and Craft Magazine
  • 1995/March: Michael's Arts and Craft Magazine
  • 1995: The Button Craft Book
  • 1994/January: Ladies Patchwork Quilt
  • 1993/May: Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest                   
  • 1993/January: Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine
  • 1992/Fall: American Quilter’s Magazine
  • 1992: Costume Maker’s Art
  • 1991: Fiberarts Design Book IV
  • 1990: Vision’s A New Decade
  • 1991/Fall: Fiberarts Magazine
  • 1991/Fall: International Quilt Market Buyers Guide
  • 1991/September: American Craft Magazine
  • 1990/November: Craft and Needlework trade magazine
  • 1990/Fall: Shuttle, Spindle, and Dye Pot magazine
  • 1990/September: Fiberarts Magazine
  • 1990/May: San Diego Home and Garden Magazine

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