Celebration Garments

The Lady of Avalon
by Christen J. Brown
San Diego, California

image of Christen Brown work image of Christen Brown work  
image of Christen Brown work
 From the BerninaUSA.com website:

"Each year, the world’s top wearable artists are invited to submit a unique and fanciful ensemble based on a theme. This year’s challenge is Celebration, which really allowed the creators to go wild! The show, which features professional models, live commentary, and state-of-the-art music and lighting, is a highlight every year.

"The top wearable artists in the field are invited to go all-out and make their most unique and creative garments each year for the Bernina Fashion Show. Be among the first in the world to see what they've come up with for the 2004 edition, Celebration."



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Hat shown in banner from "Sail-Ebrate" garment design by Georgia Bonesteel