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About Christen Brown

embroidered tapestry free form peyote crazy pieced embroidery beaded grapes silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers beaded dragonfly and leaves ribbon worked flowers and leaves buttons on ribbon
crazy pieced embroidery with tatted flowers and leaves

I came from a very supportive, creative family. Both of my parents are gifted in many ways. No matter what room of the house I went into, I learned something. My dad was a prototypes engineer, who built model airplanes and banjos in his spare time. I learned woodworking and jewelry making from him. My mother knitted, crocheted, embroidered, painted, wrote short stories, sewed all of our clothes, cooked and cleaned....you name it. I learned everything I could from her, though I leave the cooking up to my husband and daughter and the dusting to the cats.

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Merchandise and Design, with an AA in Fashion Design. I continue to be interested in craft and fine art, and I continue to experiment and learn in the areas of design in general; and specifically in the techniques of embroidery, quilting, ribbon work and jewelry making. When people ask me how long something takes me to make, I smile in reflection. In all honesty the answer is a lifetime, because everything we do is the sum of that experience and wonderful journey.

I began my career in the Wearable Art field in 1986. My work has been shown in galleries and fashion shows throughout the world. I have been invited to participate in both the Fairfield Fashion Show and the Bernina Fashion Show. I have had my work included in these publications: The Costume Makers Art, The Button Lover's Craft Book, Michael's Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Visions a New Decade, to name a few. I work and teach out of my home studio, Studio Texas.

I began teaching in 1991. I have taught for the American Quilter's Society, and the Bead and Button Show, as well as locally in California. I enjoy the sharing and the learning process between the instructor and the student. I enjoy watching the light come on when a concept is born, or a technique mastered. I enjoy teaching to a full room as well as a one-on-one experience. It is my goal that you enjoy your class time and learn the techniques covered in every class. Every student is important to me.

I am now concentrating on writing and publishing my work in. I have written several articles for PieceWork Magazine, which is a publication on the history of needlework. In addition I am currently working on a book which features small ribbon worked flowers for embroidery and quilting. I have also started to put my programs and lectures into a CD format which will be available for sale to those interested in my work.

I am married to my best friend, we have been together for twenty three years. We have a daughter who is a wonderful person who we both love and admire. My husband and my daughter are my biggest fans and supporters. My husband and I live in San Diego, California with our three cats, Tommie our apricot tabby, Butch our twenty pound black and gray tabby and Elizabeth our petite bengal mix. They are all a joy, especially when they get along, and they give us no end of laughter and love.

My journey and goals in life are to be inspired, to be creative, to be necessary and to love my family everyday. Every thing I do is because of my husband's and daughter's confidence in me and I know that it is their love for me that gives me the ability to bring my inspirations to life. I wish for everyone I know and meet to have this kind of unconditional love and support. I wish you ALL, love and good health and encourage you to follow your dreams!



vintage brass buttons
silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers
ribbon worked flowes and leaves
silk ribbon embroidery on tapestry with ribbon worked flowers and leaves
vintage buttons and bead bracelet
bead embroidered tapestry
ribbon worked flowers and buttons
fiber cords, ribbon worked flowers and free form embroidery

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